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What are the Critics Saying?

“Lovely songs, a lot of pure talent and a story with a moral- there is a little “Giant” in all of us and we must learn to temper it and tame the evil that lurks within.” -Alan Bresloff,

“Jordan Phelps is compelling as Jack and Scott Danielson makes a deliciously frightening giant.” -Jack Halbig, Chicago Reader

“cunning visuals and puppetry…” -Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“Jordan Phelps—a male ingenue with Great White Way chops—who, as Jack, sustains much of the show with pleasant vocals and a nimble, appealing physicality. Strong puppet work from the evidently Blair Thomas–inspired Mike Oleon provides a consistent, creepy backdrop for the show’s several impressive performances. His multi-pieced depiction of a giant, for example, provides an imposing, ingenious solution for how to make a normal-sized man loom large.” -Christopher Shea, Time Out Chicago

“Cleverly conceived in many ways, the show features larger-than life puppets and masks conveying the fairy-tale characters. Gawrit employs interesting characterizations and intriguing uses of fantasy to emphasize his point.” -Leah Zeldes, Chicago Theater Blog

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